FM fontlist includes 'hidden' fonts

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Jul 25, 2016

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Dear all,

I have some 1000 font files on my system - mostly stored away because they belong to specific customers.

There are, however, fonts in the Windows/Fonts directory which I will not use in my lifetime and hence I wanted to get rid of them.

I could not move many of them into a safe location, but most fo them I could apply the attribute hidden.

(From the Adobe fonts in the FM directory I have only activated a few - the others are 'stored away').

However, these hidden fonts are also listed in the FM-font list (Formt > Fonts), for example Ebrima and Estrangelo Edessa.

I have noticed that these hidden fonts also appear in my MS-Office applications (version 2003).

My System is Windows 7 SP1.

Do You have any ideas how to shorten the font list further?

Klaus Daube







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