FrameMaker 2017, DITA Keys, and the Keyspace Manager

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Jun 16, 2018 Jun 16, 2018

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Hi all,

I'm having a difficult time absorbing how FrameMaker 2017's support for DITA keys works.

I have a top-level map:

<map xmlns:ditaarch="">

<title>Put Book Title Here</title>

<mapref href="keys.ditamap" format="ditamap"/>

<topicref .../>

<topicref .../>


that references a lower-level "keys" map, where all the key definitions are kept:


  <keydef keys="var1">

    <topicmeta><keywords><keyword>This Product Name</keyword></keywords></topicmeta>



Then I reference these keys in my topic files:

<topic id="mytopic" xmlns:ditaarch="">

<title>My Topic Title</title>


  <p>VARIABLE VALUE: <ph keyref="var1"></ph></p>



When I open a topic in the editor, the variable name is blank:

When I save this topic as a PDF, or when I save the top-level ditamap as a PDF, the variable value is not shown.

So next I also open the keys.ditamap file, then go into the Keyspace Manager:

I'm sure what I'm actually supposed to *do* here, but I select the key map, ensure "Update Reference..." is checked, and choose OK.

But that doesn't do anything. The key value isn't shown in the editor, nor is it shown in the output, whether generated from the topic file or the top-level map file.

The only time the variable value is shown is when I generate output using DITA-OT (Structure > DITA > Generate DITA-OT Output). Otherwise, as far as I can tell, FrameMaker 2017's support for this simple keyref scenario is broken.

What am I missing?








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