Image paths in conrefed content - changes in FM2015 vs FM12?

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Mar 18, 2016

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The case (DITA 1.2):

Paragraph A contains an image with a relative href path to an image.

Paragraph A is reused (conref) in another Paragraph B in a topic located on another hierarchic position in the folder structure.

Previous result (FM12):

The image displays correctly, both if you open the topic containing Paragraph A or the topic containing Paragraph B.

New result (FM2015):

The image only displays correctly when opening the topic containing Paragraph A. When opening the topic containing Paragraph B, the image does not display. Evidently FM2015 expects a path that is correct relative to the referencing topic, not the referenced topic.

It seems to me the previous (FM12) handling is correct. The DITA standard states: Processing xrefs and conrefs within a conref

..."When the address is a direct URI reference of any form other than a same-topic fragment identifier, processors MUST resolve it relative to the source document that contains the original URI reference."

This spec only mentions xref and nested conref references, but it seems logical that is applies to image references as well.

Does anybody know more about this? Is there any official statement?








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