Importing ico files is a gamble

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Jan 13, 2020

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In my text about FrameMaker I want to indicate when a particular feature was introduced. Hence I creaated a number of ico files with Axialis Icon Workshop. The Icon files contain icons in the usual sizes (256x256 RGB/A, 48x48 - RGB/A … 16x16 - 256).

Importing such an ico file into an anchored frame does not work in all cases:

file → Import Dialogue Pixel size

fmaker-08.ico → 48w by 48h → OK

and so on until

fmaker-15.ico → 16w by 16w → Not OK

In this ico file there was an (unwanted) format 16x16 - 16. After removing this format the file was imported as the others.

An experiment with only the formats 256x256 RGB/A, 48x48 - RGB/A in the file imported with 256w by 256h …

For my tests I used the same frame for all icon file, just selected the image and imported with replace. After the replacement in most cases the image was not updated and was also not updated with CTRL+L. I needed to move the image within the frame for a display update. With Undo then I got the image back at the correct location.

It took me quite a while until I discovered that this is just a display problem and not an import problem!








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