Large Excel Tables in FrameMaker 2015

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Nov 08, 2016

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I recently started work at a company who list parts in both alphabetical and numerical indices. In the past they have been manually splitting the Excel sheets and inserting them as graphics in the document. The concern here is of course that the moment that anything changes, the tables all have to be reformatted, saved and reimported as images.

What I would like is to link an Excel spreadsheet into FrameMaker and either be able to format the table in FrameMaker still linked to the original spreadsheet or import only the contents and be able to reformat as necessary.

The problem I continue to encounter is that all of the table, while it does import, does not import with repeating headers in the original format if it's pasted as special and doesn't display all of the table at all if I paste special from Excel.

Anyone have any ideas for this one?







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