Missing event KBD_CLOSE_SEARCH in FM12

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Sep 04, 2017

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Our system automatically tracks user changes in FrameMaker document and processes them. For example we put all new text into special “Change” element which has red color to display that this is a changed text.

We also handle deletion of text similar way.

We process all event notification for such a text changes. So we handle TYPEIN, INLINE_TYPEIN, KBD_CLEAR, KBD_COPY, KBD_PASTE and so on.

But we have problem how to handle Change in FrameMaker Find dialog.

Our approach is to handle start of Find/Change dialog appearance, then we set FP_AutoChangeBars to True. (So all changes in Find/Change dialog are now FrameMaker tracked).

When user closes Find/Change dialog we transform all FM tracked changed to our “Change” elements.

This works in FM10 version correctly. But we have upgraded to FM12 and the problem is, that Framemaker 12 is not sending the close of Find/Change event. (KBD_CLOSE_SEARCH).

So we cannot finish the operation and transform FM changes to our “Change” elements.

Is there any way to make the KBD_CLOSE_SEARCH event work.

Or any other solution to handle changes in Find/Change dialog?







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