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Apr 24, 2019

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yesterday: tidied up text pasted in from a web site, which arrived with its own curly quotes, by adding some out-of-the-box FM italics just as a local override. (in my defence, I'll say the file was for one-time use)

today: finishing the activity, I noticed that out-of-the-box save as xml had absent-mindedly (or high-mindedly, even) discarded these local italics. Not a problem, I thought; I'll use Find > Character format. The first few hits were correct … but as I continued through the document I noticed that the search was hitting every curly quote. And what do you know: the character designer says they're italicised.

question: how do I run a find/replace on the combination of character and formatting, to replace all italicised curly quotes with roman?

question: say I patiently go through and apply a proper style to all the words that need to be italicised – how do I remove all mere local overrides and leave this 'official' formatting intact?

Still stuck on FM12, if that makes any difference …







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