Saving system variables as XML

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Jul 18, 2017

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I have filed bug FRMAKER-3122 regarding saving structured documents that contain system variables as XML. FM's default behavior is to generate an entity reference to a new entity it declares. The entity's name is, where xxx is an abbreviation of the variable name and the entity's replacement text is the text displayed for the variable. For example, at some point yesterday morning, the Modification Date (Long) variable exported as &fm.lmdate; where fm.lmdate was declared as:

<!ENTITY fm.lmdate  "July 17, 2017 10:18 am">

Since the variable text contains spaces, it is possible for the variable to be displayed with a line break within the variable text, as in something such as:

This document describes My Company's such and such system. It is

updated quarterly. The last update was published on July 17, 2017

10:18 am.

FM seems to use only the portion of the variable text that appears on the second line in the entity declaration, so that if the entity declaration is created from the above paragraph, the entity declaration would incorrectly appear as:

     <!ENTITY fm.lmdate  "10:18 am">

I first encountered this problem in FM 12, but have confirmed the behavior in FM 2015 and FM 2017.









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