Suggested improvements for next version (Currently using FM 2015)

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Jul 15, 2016

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These are some of the items that I would like to see added to the product.

1. The ability to have multiple page sizes in one document, set by master pages. Example, and 8.5"x11" and a 11"x17" master page option in one document, versus having to make two separate documents.

2. Alphanumeric page numbering.

3. Numbering properties to allow for 00 numbering. 00,01..etc.

4. A way to update only page numbering through out the book with out it changing the rest of the numbering properties (read: wont knock out a numbering property format set to Text. If number 2 and 3 were available, then it wouldn't be a big deal)

5. Additional building blocks for autonumbering, similar to Variables definition list, or the ability to add a variable tag to the autonumber field.

6. Autonumbering that will allow for text wrapping, and coded returns to be placed (like tab or bullet).

Having used Quicksilver as well, these are two items that are in that software, that I would like to have in Framemaker.

7. A document map that shows you what each lines tag is with out having to click on each individual line.

8. Ability to write macros and create your own button to automate tasks.

Thank you.

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