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Oct 08, 2017

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Sorry this is a bit of a long question.

I maintain a library of XML documentation using a variety of editing tools. Some years ago I set up a structured application in FrameMaker v8 to allow editing of our documents but it wasn't that great. We do still occasionally use it when we need to do major surgery to some documents but it isn't our first choice for most jobs. However I've been asked to have another look at the latest Frame version to see if things have improved. Before I start the free trial I just have a few queries which I hope will get me over the line a bit faster and help me avoid any traps that might catch out somebody still thinking in v8 terms.

1. Is structured Frame still reliant on importing a DTD into an EDD or can it use XML schemas now?

2. One of the problems we have with Frame v8 is that it can only run XSL v1 stylesheets on open/save. We had a couple of transforms that needed XSL 2.0 functionality so we had to introduce a manual step on every save. Can the latest Frame incorporate XSL 2.0 stylesheets into the workflow?

3. Has the management of graphical elements improved? They were always a problem.

4. Lastly, is there any substantive change in the way the latest Frame handles structured documents that I really need to be aware of before I start?

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