Webinar: Editing Computer Languages with Structured FrameMaker

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Dec 02, 2015

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   I am giving a webinar on Editing Computer Languages with Structured FrameMaker on December 15 at noon CST (UTC-06:00). Register at https://12152015.meetus.adobeevents.com/. The abstract for the talk is:

While FrameMaker was designed for editing and publishing prose such as book-length documents, structured FrameMaker is an excellent tool for editing computer languages and other data files. It spares the user the need to memorize key words and syntax, prevents many typographical errors, and automatically pretty prints the content.

This webinar gives four examples: XSLT, CSS, read/write rules, and .ini files such as maker.ini. These examples illustrate structures that are both very simple and quite complex. The maker.ini template, for example, defines over 500 options arranged into more than 30 groups, but there are no recursive structures. Furthermore, while names like "MultiMediaLinkTableRowLimit" are long and perhaps difficult to remember, the syntax is straightforward.

In contrast, the XSLT application supports a complete programming language with arbitrary nesting of elements and parenthesized expressions. It uses cross-references to reuse various names, eliminating mismatches and making them easy to change. Changing color within nested parentheses helps the user quickly recognize the nesting structure. Various other features include the ability to divide a transform into sections and to include automatically numbered lists within comments.









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