200+GB and counting where is fresco files on iPad Pro 2021

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Apr 26, 2022 Apr 26, 2022

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So many peaple ask for the same information, no really professional info for a power user and developer like me. My new iPad is full no way to backup on flash drive or to clear memory on fresco, most brilliant application for real artists. It is the same like working on canvas. Over 100 2 a week solid.  I understand the cloud story, for dummies, but the work is my work. Not adobe. Or Apple both do backup. Got iPhone 13 pro max and 128 poor memory filled with the Fresco files. So deleted fresco and guess what, gfresco app gone only from iPhone but files stay on my new phone. A basic workflow of any application is to be able to move it and save it according to your wish, no for Apple and Adobe we are too stupid to do that. This is a system for dummies, to avoid deleting by mistake, oops me bad. I am a user of photoshop version 1 how many of you can say that. So when I say as one of the best sudo developers on the face of the planet, that this is bad, you can take it to the bank. Hope I will find Lott the only just person here to find a way out of the jammm

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