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Dec 31, 2019 Dec 31, 2019

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So I was trying to draw a simple graphic in Adobe Comp just to better identify a button. I realized that wasn't possible, so I figured I'd move over to Fresco and add a sketch to the library for the project. Unfortunately, there are very few "organizational" tools in Fresco or in the concept of Cloud Documents more broadly. I could have exported an imported as a png, but that feels messy when adding the graphic to a library would be so convenient and allow for updates. Instead I had to open it in desktop photoshop, from there add the layers to a group, and finally add the group to the library (which as I understand it, simply saves it as a photoshop doc under the hood). It would be great to generally streamline the process of moving things from within any Adobe app into a library (which are a really useful organizational tool).


Is there a better way already?

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