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Choose the right paint brush for your art!

Adobe Employee ,
Sep 19, 2019 Sep 19, 2019

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Adobe Fresco brings a huge set of brushes right there on your canvas. You get a variety of different forms of brushes to select from Live brush tool, Pixel brush tool and Vector brush tool. 


Live Brush 

These brushes are exclusive to Fresco and help in creating artwork that never lets the paint dry on your canvas. Oils and watercolor blend, blossom, and smear like they were real colors.

Artwork created using Watercolor brushArtwork created using Watercolor brush

Artwork created using Oil color brushArtwork created using Oil color brush


Learn more about how to create the magic with Live Brush here 


Pixel Brush 

You can use all your favorite Photoshop brushes directly in Fresco and get access to "Evergrowing collection” of best brushes created by celebrated brushmaker Kyle T. Webster. 

Artwork by Gauri, Designer at AdobeArtwork by Gauri, Designer at Adobe

Explore more about Pixel brushes here  


Vector Brush 

Fresco includes vector brushes, which create clean and crisp brush strokes that can scale infinitely to result in lines and shapes. Artwork by Kyle T. WebsterArtwork by Kyle T. Webster

To make sharp unendingly adaptable drawings, read more here. 

Fresco’s brushes combine the qualities of real-world painting and digital creation in a unique and sophisticated way.  

Have questions or something to share? Feel free to post it here.  














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