All .ai files in folder disappeared

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May 13, 2022 May 13, 2022

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My computer shut down due to low battery as I was viewing a .ai file in illustrator. That file had been saved with about 10 other .ai files in the same folder. When I restarted, that file plus ALL other .ai files in that folder had disappeared - I can't see them in file explorer, illustrator, search ect. Oddly, that whole folder containing those files and all its contents had been marked 'hidden'. Showing hidden files, and then removing hidden status from the folder did not make the files reappear. No other file formats in that folder were affected (other than the being hidden).


I'm using AI version 24.1.1. Windows 10 enterprise, version 21H2.


I've searched for an answer to this both here and elsewhere. The post 'Illustrator files disappeared after installing new version / unistalling old version of illustrator' linked below has a lot of similarities to my case, but is not identical.


Any ideas about what happened would be very welcome for help now and to prevent this in the future. I can regenerate the files I did not yet have backups for, but would much rather avoid a long tedious day replicating everything. 










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