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Jun 23, 2022 Jun 23, 2022

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I've searched, but don't see this exact question, so here goes. What is your icon creation workflow? I currently have a multi-artboard .ai file with each artboard named, and there are 2 layers- one for light backgrounds and one for dark backgrounds (reversed). I export them as png's and store the png's in an Adobe Cloud Library. This is fine for some uses, but if I need them larger than the png's I have to open the original .ai file and copy paste from there. But the bigger pain is that as the library grows, I have a hard time finding the icons I'm looking for- in either place. They get created on an as-needed basis, so the artboards aren't in any kind of groups, and I cannot remember what they are named so scrolling through a list of png file names is often frustrating.


For my teammates who use these icons in PowerPoint, I have a slide deck of the png's that they can copy/paste from- I group the icons on slides by common themes (ie, symbols, people, hardware, etc.) and even type search terms in the Notes field of each slide, so it's easy to find them via this PowerPoint deck. But just curious how you (quickly) find your icons for use in other Adobe products? 

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