Illustrator c++ SDK Custom snapping for existing tools.

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Dec 08, 2021 Dec 08, 2021

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I'm looking to extend the snapping abilities of Illustrator. 

In the SDK reference there is a Suite called 'AICursorSnapSuite'.

As far as I figgured it out, it only handles and extends the snapping capabilities of a self made tool.

I'm however looking to extend , for example, the pen tool snapping capabilities to snap to a custom defined (none squar) grid for example.


I was also thinking about using notifiers, but I did not find anything more then post drawing snapping. 

That is snapping after a click confirmed the creating of anchorpoints and then snap it in place.

But,  I like it to be real time snapping, much like when you enable snap to grid or pixel and see the pentool presnap the line before actualy clicking the anchorpoint in place.


Is this possible at all?


Thx in advance for any clue.


Gr, Minne


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