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Large Format Designs

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Jun 18, 2024 Jun 18, 2024

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Need to vent here. Adobe doesn't listen to customer regquests when you submit them anywhere. I've looked through posts like this on here:


It's extremely frustrating to work in either Illustrator or InDesign to create large format files for things like billboards or exhibit walls. Illustrator added a "large document" feature a few years ago, but it really doesn't matter. Once you start working on a large file adding text and a couple large images, Illustrator slows to a crawl. Not to mention the opening and saving (especially saving) of files is REALLY slow. Additionally, even if you are using linked images, Illustrator's file size is unbelievable huge. 

I created the exact same document in both Illustrator and InDesign (I'll get to ID in a minute). The file was for a 40 foot wide by 10 foot high exhibit wall, that the printer instructed me to create at half size. The ID file was 25mb. The Illustrator file was almost 2GB! That is absolutely insane. Why should the files be that different?


Now for InDesign... ID is easier to work with for using images (you don't need to create ridiculous clipping masks) and making any kind of transparency on them (if needed). But, it has a smaller page size limit. Also, when you place two pages side by side and then try to export a PDF, it will give an error saying that PDF's that larger arent supported. YET... it will continue to save the PDF even though it literally just said it's not supported and you can't do anything in InDesign until it's done saving, after which you look at the PDF and it's not exported properly.


I am so frustratred with Adobe software, and that's not even counting their abysmal Terms of Use that they invoked last week that everyone else is complaining about.

Adobe, instead of trying to integrate all this AI BS that no graphic designer really wants, how about giving us fast tools that we need to actually get our jobs done? If you need to create a brand new app to do large document work, then you should do it (you should have done it already). We pay enough for your software. There are multiple posts on this forum about trying to work with large documents and the issues they pose (and even normal sized documents). This isn't 1998 anymore, and there shouldn't BE any issues like this. You are supposed to be the "design software experts," yet I used software 20 years ago that did a better job than Illustrator does today (which Adobe conveniently purchased and then cancelled).

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