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Large psb won't save in ai. How/why?

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Feb 25, 2024 Feb 25, 2024

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I hope someone can help. I purchased .PSD template to work on a 100-in x 100-in backdrop to be printed in CYMK.  I also have several EPS images that I wanted to size properly and had to isolate from backgrounds so figured I would open the file in Adobe illustrator

I only do this kind of work once or twice a year so don't have a lot of experience or knowledge? How to keep things small when you have mixed elements like rasterized graphics. The PSB file is over 4 GB. Raster is set at 300 DPI.

Because I created the new file in the actual size, to be sure things would display properly when printed, the . PSD had to be saved as a .psb  large file format.

The first step I had tried was once I had my basic concept figured out. I opened the PSB in AI allowing it to group things as objects. However, I created some confusion because it left some text as an object, and a blended. Some text into the background and pretty much flattened most of the images together.

Since I was going to leave the non EPS images as reference for sizing I had to go back and leave those out so that I would have pretty much everything but nothing editable in AI.

I'm starting to add my EPS images on the file that still shows it was a .psb.  I tried saving as an AI file before I did too much more work.

It says it's saving and then it stops and says it couldn't save and then gives a link which is a general troubleshooting page. Not specific to the reason it couldn't save. I tried not creating a PDF with the same general error message that it couldn't save with the link to the web for general help, but no specific reason it couldn't save.

I then tried following the advice on that page and creating a new file and then copying and pasting to that new file and it still would not save.

I tried to eliminating the raster background and yes the file would save with just the EPS images.


So I'm assuming this has something to do with size or how to file is created When illustrator opens the PSB. 



I am not an artist I really couldn't create or recreate these things in vector. I rely on purchasing others artwork and creating my own composite. I can play with layers and make small changes but creating something from scratches not my training So I really don't know how to keep file size small, especially when I want the best quality printing, seeing that it's printing on fabric which already loses some sharpness. I'm open to advice on how to keep the file size small forget the highest quality printing.

But for now I would like to know there's a known reason why I might be getting a general error message. I am using a Lenovo laptop and did wonder if it wasn't enough power but figured I would get some sort of memory message or other such message.


I saw that in earlier versions of illustrator people were opening Photoshop files in a different manner by saving them as an EPS with layers. I was looking at some of the comments with people saying that doesn't work that way anymore but then other saying they have to go to save as copy to find that. I haven't gone this route yet because the initial explanation of how to open Photoshop was by using the open command.

Initially I thought of doing this just because I figured maybe I'd still want to move some objects around, but since it's not saving too much as an object in the current way described above, so far I've just made sure everything was where I wanted it in Photoshop.

But And if you think checking the box to flatten the entire image sands the EPS graphics, would make any difference to why it's not saving. I did leave the two objects which were text objects that it did leave and it didn't interfere with saving. It was only when I add the bulk of it as what they called the background image but was really the composite of everything that it couldn't separate as an object.


It might be better that I just edit/size the EPS files in illustrator and then export them to Photoshop and see if they can Open the Photoshop large format file?


Thank you for your kindness and helping me understand the best way to go about this so that I can even save my project. 


My laptop is lenovo legion 5 pro 16arh7h  and Ryzen 7 6800h, 3201 Mhz, 8 cores, 16 logical processors, , 3070ti GPU ,16 GB ram , 28.2 GB Ttl Virtual memory.  Page file space 13 GB ,1 GB SSD with 701 GB Free

How-to , Import and export






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