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Let's Improve Our Character Animation Workflow!

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Dec 18, 2023 Dec 18, 2023

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Hi Illustrators!

I've been creating 2D animations for years and have seen the major improvements in our software. There are a few things I'm missing though. And I'm not sure why.


Character Rigging and Exporting in AI:
I'd love a character rigging feature in Illustrator with an export to Ae or Ch function. If you want to keep it in Adobe, just for Adobe-style rigs. But being the industry-leading software provider, why not set it up for industry favorites like Duik, Rubber Hose, Joystick 'n Sliders, etc as well?


Item replacements:
I've had many projects where I set up an illustration with multiple variations. This worked for me, but to show my client, I had to duplicate the artwork and activate the to-be-changed layers one by one. It would be delightful to have a replacement panel that allows us to create a layer (For example a hand) and then add variations that we can tick on or off - like in Character Animator (A fist, a hand with index finger only, a hand with a screwdriver in it). An awesome-to-have would be the ability to export your artwork variations with one click. (I can imagine this would work well with generative art as well).



I don't think other users in this niche would hate these features. For me personally, it would ramp up the storyboarding process. Especially when I have a character rig in Ai that prevents me from drawing all of the characters' poses for client approval before the Ae or Ch rigging process is initiated.


I know Adobe has the tools because Character Animator pretty much rigs a character for you and offers button replacements if you have the layer order set up right. It's just not in AI... Yet.

Would love to hear your thoughts, and workarounds, or see this implemented.



Draw and design , Feature request , Import and export , Tools






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