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Feb 09, 2021 Feb 09, 2021

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An annoing behavior of Illustrator when using multiple displays:
When opening a new file from Mac Finder, while an illustrator document is minimised in dock, Illustrator pops-up the minimised window documents at their initial location.
This happens when Illustrator was active on Monitor 2, for example, and I am opening the new file from a Finder window that is displayed on Monitor 1.
The same thing happens when closing an .ai document on Monitor 1. It pops up a minimised ai document from dockbar into Monitor 2.

That's really annoing as the whole purpose of Mac windows system is to have a lot of space behind the current application for easeing multitasking. Also, If I pressed the minimise button, that mean I WANT IT TO STAY MINIMISED until I click on dockbar to bring back the document. This is my choise, as I actively choose to minimise and not an arbitrary action of the software. 😞

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