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NEED HELP ! Batch : Create an individual report on several opened dcouments

New Here ,
Apr 21, 2022 Apr 21, 2022

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Hello everbody,


I'm struggling to find info on how to script my idea in java on illustrator..So you are my last hope.


I need to batch a process that do a lot on illustrator. Here the process :


1 - Open several documents (pdf, ai) in the same time that are contains in separate folder each.

2 - Create the report doc ( exactly like the report when we do an assembly) with somes informations for each open document :

2.1 - If there're missing fonts, i need to know the name of all the missing fonts.

2.2 - If there're missing link (images), same

2.3 - Bonus, i don't know if it's possible but on all link i need to know the size, the ppp and the scale

3 - if there're missing fonts or missing links (images), it's not a good files so i need to save all the bad files report on a folder and all the good files report on antoher folder

4 - Close all the open files


The big problem is that i don't know how to retrieve all the data that i need. 


For the report :

1 - I try to create the report doc from a new document that i instantiate for each open files and write all the infos on it (I don't know if it's the good way to do it, especially with lot of open file)

2 - I found that when we do an assembly, it create a report with the principal data that i need. So may be there is a way to obtain this report without the assembly ? Or May be the good way is to do an assembly on each open files and we have all the report ( but not on separate folder, but it's a beginning)

Same, the problem that is, i don't find the function to do an assembly in javascript..


Questions :

1 - Is this type of batch is possible ?

2 - Is there someone who know the assembly function in javascript?

3 - How i can retrieve the data that i need from javascript ? (May be you have another ideas)


Sorry for my english, i'm french ^^'

Thanks a lot !

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