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Mar 15, 2022 Mar 15, 2022

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So this is a difficult question to ask, but i will do my best to ask this in the right way. Anyone with development experience please feel free to respond.

So i have only a url that i will recieve, and i need to use URL schemes to react to the data that is in the url that is passed to me. I can change the way it is sent to me, using URI's or other .js scripts that can be deployed in the browser. all of that aside, i basically need to cause a reaction from that url scheme. 

i know that adobe illustrator has a url scheme that is set by default : adbai:// --> and this will open illustrator no problem. 

knowing this, i figured i could call a url_scheme created from a plugins info.plist file - which seems to work when i add a single url scheme manually after overwriting the defualt info.plist file. 

i have attempted this while using an extension, a plugin, and a script, and the only thing that seems to be a solution is some form of plugin that has a c++ backing, whether that be a c++ plugin tied to a .jsx extension that communicated via eval scripts. i rather build it all out in c++ if this is the case. 

if i can use an extension and communicate with the browser somehow, then that would be ideal too. 

i am currently using a c++ plugin to attempt to do this in an up-to-date adobe illustrator 2022 program.

if anyone has any words of wisdom around this or any advice i would greatly appreciate it, as i am the only person working on this currently and only have about 3 weeks of c++ experience along with around 3 weeks of CEP framework experience. 

thank you to anyone who takes the time to respond to this post. 🙂 

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