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Printing out pdf document in Adobe RGB instead of sRGB

Community Beginner ,
Mar 24, 2022 Mar 24, 2022

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I currently use a relatively niche program for printing and contour cutting stickers that I design and sell. The software is used in conjunction with my vinyl cutter. One issue I have with the software though is that the colour management is not very good and it only prints out in sRGB whereas my printer (Canon Pixma Pro) is capable of a much wider colour range than this.


One work-around I found was exporting the images to be cut as a pdf file FROM the vinyl cutting software and then importing into Adobe Illustrator, changing the colour management to Adobe RGB then printing from there, then going back to the cutter software and getting that to cut the stickers.


However I was paying £20 a month for Illustrator and this was literally the only thing I was using it for (I do my design work in Inkscape). So I cancelled the subsciption but now have no way to print the exported pdf file with Adobe RGB rather than sRGB.


Does anyone on here therefore know how I would print a pdf file with a different colour profile? I assume there's a way to do this but can't see how in the version of pdf reader I've got.


Thanks in Advance! 🙂

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