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script add a gradient swatch to the library

Explorer ,
Jan 09, 2023 Jan 09, 2023

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I'm looking for a script that would add a gradient swatch to the library..

I  already have the basic functions of adding new scratch and creating new group Swatch colours

but it does not work with gradient ! 

Thanks a lot for the help 

Rant on // 

the more I go deep into illustrator the more I realise it is not at all user-friendly for automation and it lacks so many basic features !!!

So I have to script it… well only if I could but I  don't have months of time to invest in learning how to code just to get basic UI functions out of a product costing more than 600 bucks per year !!!!! 

And I'm pretty tech savvy to begin with as I'm working in the lighting industry as a moving light programmer… 15 years of AI and I still need to search for bits of code from greats devs here or elsewhere that share their scripts with the world

In the end, all those processes look like a mess : actions, scripts, shortcuts, Astute Graphics toolbars, Stream deck automation and AutoHotKeys mapping…..
Why? Because none of those pretty basic processes will fit into 1 single encapsulation language ….

Pick three or more of them to run consecutively and finally have your end result!
What a f****** mess just to make a program behave correctly!

Just to make it crystal clear, in my case, I'm looking for very very basic stuff. 
Just that I have thousands of files, so I'll not spend my days clicking around everywhere 

thanks, Adobe for the whole collaboration team processes and cloud bulshit that the company is pushing for years now! but hear your user base's voices first maybe?
Patch the holes in your software first? implement basic functions?

I know that indie devs would do wonders to make it a flawless experience with a more open API

I might move on to different solutions for this price point!

\\ Rant off 








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