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Text to Vector Graphic - Cancel button is disabled

New Here ,
May 15, 2024 May 15, 2024

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Hey folks,

Using the new Text to Vector Graphic feature, and it's stalled. Fair enough, it's a network thing, sometimes it's just going to fail. However, the cancel button is disabled for some reason? What?

Screenshot 2024-05-16 at 1.27.43 PM.png

The dialog is also app modal, which also seems like a crazy decision for something that's taking zero cycles on my machine and just waiting for a cloud server to complete a request.


As a result I literally cannot interact with the software at all, I have to force quit it, losing all unsaved work.


Can anyone enlighten me as to why this decision might have been made? Why is there a cancel button if it's not hooked up to anything? Who thought it was ok to ship a feature that can irrevocably hang the entire app if you lose your network connection, or if Adobe's servers fail, which appears to be what actually happened?


Please, please fix this Adobe. And please put policies and procedures in place that prevent you from shipping things like this. I would consider this unacceptable from a second-year comp sci student, let alone one of the biggest software companies on the planet.







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