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The latest survey locks out users who disagree with Aritificial Intelligence to Skew the results.

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Jun 20, 2024 Jun 20, 2024

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Adobe just wants you to know, that you MUST like AI or they won't let you finish the survey and if you say no to AI, then they still want to steal your creativity on one of your questions because OMG, look, you can get "personalized" results" and you can't use a back button on the survey so you can curse them out about using AI later.

So I'm asking users to actually take the survey, check on of the answers on said survey as a yes, And then curse them out in the suggestion box later and ask them to do a feature we really do want say, like ORGANIZE THE SWATCHES PALETTE.

But of course they want to skew the results of their survey about Artificial intelligence. Because it's not like art hasn't gone way back to pre human civilization and they don't want to actually work as software engineers on something like how to get smaller tasks that no one wants to do to be done in our place.


So please, please I'm asking you all to take the survey and then curse them out and don't run into the same dead end they purposefully put in because they want to be lauded for firing the technician that said no to AI.

And notice this is critique and criticism, but it's not cursing anyone out on a personal elvel, but criticizing company decisions. I'd rather you fix the problems with limits in Animate, give us organization on the Swatches palette which somehow you keep saying is "impossible" (When I know it isn't) or work on the integration between Illustrator and Animate so they talk to each other more nicely. I know these things to software engineers isn't "exciting" but I do think it will be more porfitable in the long run to work on the core UX over features no one asked for and the artist community is turning against you for to the point that you're opening the door to your competition who might swear to never entertain AI and then they do catch up to you, and fix your core  problems and overtakes you as a company.

Are you entertaining creatives, or are you entertaining losers who can't take time to even learn anything that goes way back into pre-homosapiens history? Choose a side Adobe. Choose a side, betray the core of humanity and don't recognize the Barbie Movie which used Practical effects was celebrated for it, or go down the path of AI and put in features that make Artists want to sue you.



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