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Illustrator on the iPad version 1.2 is live

Feb 18, 2021 Feb 18, 2021

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Feature Request and Bugs.gif


The new version of Illustrator on the iPad includes several new features like –


Invite to Edit

You can now invite people to collaborate on your cloud documents from within the app. Simply click on the icon at the top right of the app UI to open the Invite to Edit panel and add people by typing their Adobe ID (email).


Rotate Canvas

You can now easily rotate the canvas in Illustrator on iPad with a two-finger gesture. All the components on your artboard will be rotated to the specified angle.

Note – Dimension of the artboard and objects are not changed with the rotation.


Enhanced Artboards and Layers

You can now move objects and groups by simply dragging them onto closed layers. Rename a layer or an object by double-tapping their name in the layers panel. Change the dimensions of a selected artboard from the Properties panel and from the Artboard tool.

Vector layers can be imported as vector groups from Adobe Fresco in Illustrator on the iPad


New keyboard shortcuts

There are 50+ new keyboard shortcuts added in Illustrator on the iPad. Some of the new shortcuts include paste, move, duplicate, Bring to forward, Send to back, artboards, text, clipping masks, compound path, zoom, and more.


Check the complete list here.


Korean language support

Illustrator on the iPad is now available in the Korean language as well. It comes with a localized user interface, Korean-specific document profiles, text editing features, and more.


Check this link for more details about the new features.

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