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iPad Pro Delayed Typing

New Here ,
Nov 18, 2020 Nov 18, 2020

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I have iPad Pro 2nd gen and really love having illustrator on the iPad and an impressed with the functionality it offers so far. BUT I am having an issue with lag when typing and can't find similar complaints in the community, so maybe it's just me?


- I am using multiple layers (roughly 7)

- My work is less illustration and more basic shapes and lots of type. I'm effectively using Illustrator as an alterntive to inDesign for the project.


At first typing was pretty normal but it didn't take long to start lagging. It takes a while to select text - when I double tap existing text to highlight all it takes maybe 10 seconds to highlight. When I finishing typing a few words I have to wait about 15 - 20 seconds for the typing to catch up. Pretty unusable! So far I am writing what I need in notes, then copying and pasting to Illustrator.


Everything else is pretty speedy, though. Just typing. When I turn the iPad on and off again it's better for a few minutes then starts lagging again.


Anyone else having this issue? Anything I can try? 

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