Need help managing Type shape after Envelope Distort

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Jan 04, 2021 Jan 04, 2021

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So I'm creating a logo. I have used "Envelope Distort" to "Make With Top Object" text into an ellipse shape. All went well and I made a letter M look like an Owl. Yay for me. 

However, upon revisions I needed to turn my shapes into line art. and now my graphic looks like a bunch of over lapping lines and circles. OK I can use the shape builder tool to omit lines and convert shapes to each other to hide them great... But the original type that I converted into a shape and distorted is now unmanagable. The shape that my text has become isn't something I am able to alter or edit. I would like to cut away a portion of the shape but it is un editable(if thats a word). I can explain better perhaps but thats my issue. See file below.

I would like to cut away the top of the "M" that intersect with the eyes of my owl but as you can see that area isn't something I can change at this point or is it?


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