Adobe CC Library Asset Group Layers / Layer Hierarchy Gets Lost?

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Dec 03, 2020 Dec 03, 2020

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I've just started using Adobe CC Libraries (in Illustrator but will be utilized in all apps) for my team so we can all easily access the same common assets. However, Libraries are:


  1. Removing important groupings within a given asset, and
  2. Creating masks.


This causes a number of problems and actually burdens workflow versus the intended efficiency of Libraries.


For example, I have an asset that's just a collection of strokes that are grouped. This is nice because I can simply select the group and change the stroke color for everything at once. However, when I add this asset to and subsequently place onto an artboard from Libraries, those strokes all become independent layers nested inside two sets of masks (after embedding). I can no longer simply select the object and change stroke color; if I do, I'll be adding a stroke around the entire mask. And in the case that the asset is a set of solid shapes instead of strokes, I'll be filling the entire mask with a solid color, not just the objects inside.

My current workarounds are to:


  1. Release the mask multiple times until I'm down to just the strokes / shapes inside, and edit color from there, but
    1. I have now lost my original grouping so each stroke is floating around by itself, meaning I have to delete two arbitray mask layers no longer in use > select each stroke layer > Regroup > make needed edits .
  2. OR, "Edit Original" make the edits like I would before I ever put the asset into Libraries (because my original layer / group hierarchy is intact), copy > paste back into whatever project I'm on > close the "Edit Original" without saving.


All of this seems ridiculous to me. Why can't assets simply retain their layer hierarchy / groupings? Fundamentally changing the layer structure for a given asset seems to defeat the entire purpose.


Is there something I'm missing or is this just a limitation of Adobe CC Libraries?

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