Animated zoom not working(was working yesterday) [Version 25.2]

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Mar 30, 2021 Mar 30, 2021

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Same old same old, animated zoom stopped working for no good reason.. again...and it's getting old at this point. Every once in a while animated zoom or some other core features stop working for no good reason. Sometime it come from one of your updates or other time it just stop working without any cause whatsoever. Last month it was when I used the outline view, the animated zoom stop working; so I completly stopped using the outline view except when absolutly necessary and I needed to restart the program to get the zoom again.


If I can give something to Adobe is that you really know how to ruin a workflow with old never fixed bugs.

This time I tried to go in the preferences and uncheck, save preference and go back to reactivate it and save again. Nothing. Then I reseted all my preferences to default setting. Nothing. I cleared cached system files, restarted my computer and fully reinstalled illustrator, again nothing worked.

I'm starting to seriously considering resigning my plan because every update comes with bugs and useless pop ups instead of fixing recurent bugs. Are you testing your update before rolling them out?


I'm sorry for the impatient tone of this message but get your things together Adobe. I prefer learning new programs than having an uneven workflow and I can only imagine I'm not the only one. I miss having stable functioning programs, before the subscriptions trap you put us on.









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