Applying patterns via script damages file

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Nov 04, 2020

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Hey guys,


I am trying to write a script that loops through swatches from File B, apllies them to certain items in File A and then saves File A. That´s it (basically a patchwork of some other scripts):

#target illustrator 

function main(){
var docRef = app.documents[0];
var docRef1 ='~/'));

for(var p=2; p<docRef1.swatches.length; p++){
    //p=2 because of the two default swatches [None] and  [Registration]
    var Designcolor = docRef1.swatches[p];

    // Add Swatch from docRef1 to docRef
    var AddColor = docRef.swatches.add(); =;
    AddColor.color = Designcolor.color; 
    //apply swatch color to pieces
    for (var i = 0; i < docRef.layers[0].groupItems.length; i++) {
        var docItem = docRef.layers[0].groupItems[i];
        var lastPathItem = docItem.pageItems[docItem.pageItems.length-1];
        lastPathItem.fillColor = docRef.swatches[2].color;  //[2] also because of the default swatches
    //create a new folder
    var Model = "Shirt"
    var folder = new Folder ("/~/Desktop/" + Model) 

    if(!folder.exists == true){

    //saves the document 
    if (app.documents.length > 0) {
        var path1 = ("/~/Desktop/" + Model)
        var file1 = new File(path1 + "/" + Model + "_" + + "_group")
        var saveOptions = new IllustratorSaveOptions();
        saveOptions.embedLinkedFiles = true;
        saveOptions.compatibility = Compatibility.ILLUSTRATOR24;
        saveOptions.compressed = true;
        saveOptions.pdfCompatible = true;

        docRef.saveAs(file1, saveOptions);
    //delete swatch[2]

It works as long as the swatches in docRef1 only contain colors. But if the swatches conain patterns, it gets a little messed up. When I try to open one of the files this message shows up, and the items seem to be damaged:

Error Message.jpg

Also does this part of the script


now remove swatches from docRef1 and changes some of their names to "unnamed pattern".

As I´m still very new to scripting I don´t know why this happens (maybe my script is complete garbage 😄 ). If any of you guys coulp help me with this problem I would once again really really appreciate it 🙂 🙂


Here are the files:

docRef ; docRef1 (file with only colors) ; docRef1 (file with patterns) 








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