Copy and Paste Hebrew in Illustrator 2021 without reinstall method

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Feb 23, 2021 Feb 23, 2021

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I've searched for the answer to this but it escapes me. There are older inconclusive posts for 2017 and 2019 so I thought I'd raise it again as these posts are often inconclusive and even videos show options I don't seem to have on the latest version of ilustrator. I feel it's either under my nose or doesn't exist.

I have international packaging predominantly in English with 14 other translations. All have copied and pasted fine from the translators word document... except Hebrew.

Whilst it looks great in Word and even converted to a PDF, Illustrator can not interpret it.

I've set Indic option in Preferences/Type I've used Arial Hebrew and set language to Hebrew for that paragraph. There is no sign of the paragraph direction buttons so many equally baffled designers are looking for. The only text direction option I found was for horizontal or vertical.
Text pastes in but commas fly to opposite ends, numbers split rows... its a mess. 😞

I'm trying to work around this by creating outlines and shuffling the sentence around to fit the stylised text field space but it's taking 2hrs per bag compared to 5 minutes per language for all other languages.
And at this point the text is effectively dead, so if I need to move anything around I'll have to move it line by line and chop it again to fit the new space. Crazy. So what am I missing folks?

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