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Feb 02, 2021 Feb 02, 2021

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For Extension Manager CC,I have several questions as follow,please confirm.


Is the above download address the latest version of adobe extension manager CC?


2.At present, the Extension Manager CC downloaded from the above address can not recognize Adobe Illustrator2020/2021.

Is it that the current software only has x86 version,

while the latest Adobe illustrator2020/ 2021 is x64 version?

Because of Extension Manager CC is not updated, it cannot recognize Adobe illustrator2020 / 2021.


3.Is the way of command line consistent with extension manager CC? Adobe illustrator2020 / 2021 cannot be installed


4.At present, the third-party software Anastasiy's Extension Manager can install the zxp installation package of cc2020/2021.

We want to add multi language display function to the description content in the. MXI file,

but now we find that if we need to configure multi language display function from the relevant data,

it must be in C: / / programdata / Adobe / extension manager in $resourceroot CC path,

but the current third-party software does not have this path,

please confirm whether the third-party software supports multi language display function.


5.Is the configuration method in the example of zxp multi-language configuration correct?


6.The software(Extension Manager CC & Anastasiy's Extension Manager) we use to install

zxp does not display the content of license agreement at present.

Please confirm if there is any method to display it?

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