Illustrator Adds Groups to After Effects shape layers

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Jun 22, 2021 Jun 22, 2021

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Hi, there's a common issue we face with Illustrator that I wondered if anybody can help with? When we design assets to be brought into After Effects, we generally split them into individual layers as needed ie if it needs to move independently it goes into its own layer in Illustrator. However, once we've imported them into After Effects we find that sometimes we need to convert these to shape layers. For some reason, and I have yet to work out why, doing this frequently (but not always) adds a new empty 'Group 1' into each shape. These are always called Group 1 and are always the size of the composition, not the shape. They have a bounding box and an anchor point, but no geometry. They also seem to slow down the performance of After Effects, so we have to spend time going through each converted shape, and deleting these unnecessary, pointless 'Group 1' elements.


If any can shed any light on this, why they occur and how to stop them, that would be awesome.


Have a great day!

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