illustrator does not support Dropbox?

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Sep 11, 2020

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I recently upgraded to Illustrator 24.3 and am having a problem saving my .ai files to Dropbox. I am a long-time Dropbox user and have an excellent connection. All files upload/sync at hundreds of megabytes per second. However, since 24.3, when I save a .ai file from illustrator, it takes 10-30 minutes to upload, saying "waiting on sync." I can make a copy of this .ai file on Windows 10, and that copy syncs right away--it's only the .ai being saved directly by illustrator that is being delayed. I have tried terminating the illustrator program to see if it is holding onto the file status somehow, but that does not help.


I reported this in a chat session with the Adobe support today and they said that Adobe does not support Dropbox, pointing me to a statement that says I have to use local files only (or, presumably, Adobe cloud).


Does anyone else have this problem? Any proposed solution? This is putting a significant crimp in my workflow.

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