Illustrator: Mouse hover with selection tool (V) does not highlight group objects

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Apr 03, 2021 Apr 03, 2021

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In my experience, in the past when using the selection tool (V) and hovering over an object, the highlight outline would normally show all objects which are grouped with the object I was hovering over. This "preview" is very useful for me to be able to "see" groups without having to select/unselect objects.


Now, when I hover over an object with the Selection tool, all that I can see is the highlight for that one object. To see if it is grouped with other objects and what those objects are, I have to now actually click to select the object and then the entire grouped set is selected as expected. In my experience, this was not how it functioned in the past.


Does anyone know if there is a way in Illustrator 2021 to fix this?

(i.e. have the grouped object highlight when I hover over it with my the selection tool)


FYI - 

I have turned Smart Guides On/Off and this does not resolve the issue.

Show/Hide Bounding box does not resolve the issue.

I have turned all 'Snap to' settings On/Off and this does not resolve the issue.

I do not have 'Hide Edges' enabled for the object


Thanks for your help-


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