New Align Pallet Behavior for Point-level Alignment?

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Nov 08, 2020

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I have always thought that this is the way the alignment tool pallet worked. It has come to my recent attention that perhaps I was wrong or something has changed. Either way, aligning three points on a path seems strangely implemented.


Given a multi-point path where the points are supposed to be aligned, selecting several points and pressing the align-top button usually would align all items to the top by their reference points. So in the transform toolbox if you have the top left corner selected and three separate points, presumably all three points would be aligned to the topmost upper left point in the block. To override this default and expected behavior, with all points selected that you want to align, click one of the points to identify it as the key point around which all other points will be aligned.


When working on a layout of my loft, I deleted a closet and needed to align the two wall edges to join them. (see figure 1) One point was off and it was about 1px lower where I had cut the line. I select the anchor that was in error and the anchor that I wanted it to align to and since the preferred alignment was "align to top edge", (figure 2) I figured all points would align to the top. Instead, the point that was highest was aligned to the bottom of the points (see figure 3). 

Is this an error and if so, can anyone else reproduce this problem? Originally, I was complaining about the other side of the wall, but when I went to take screenshots, suddenly it worked as expected. This unfortunately made me question if I had lost my mind until it happened again on the bottom two segments.

Please do not reply with a way to fix this problem. Needless to say, this project is already out the door, so I am not asking for help to work around Illustrator's idiosyncracies. I am finding this inconsistent behavior that defies logic and wondering if it is a bug that should be reported. This is one example of many that I have noticed. Thanks in advance for letting me know if I should report this as a bug or if it is somehow the intended behavior.


Figure 1 (below)
The white area shows where I deleted the borders of the walls that made up the closet.

Figure 1 = The white area is where I cut the wallFigure 1 = The white area is where I cut the wall



Figure 2 (below)
Zoomed in, shows where the edge points need to be aligned before joining. Red dotted
line indicates the expected behavior of Align to Top.



Figure 3 below

Actual behavior when selecting two points and using the Align Top Edges button on

the align panel.

Figure 3 - Actual results from Align to TopFigure 3 - Actual results from Align to Top








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