Stroke using touchscreen appears black until I lift pen

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Apr 11, 2021 Apr 11, 2021

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I'm using Illustrator 25.2.1 (latest version) with a Surface Studio 2 (latest firmware, latest Windows update.)  Using the Paintbrush tool, with either a fixed or pressure calligraphic brush, when I draw a path with my mouse, the path is drawn showing the correct/expected stroke color (such as yellow) as I draw.  However when I use the Microsoft Pen to draw on the touchscreen, the stroke is drawn in black until I lift the pen -- at which time it changes to the expected stroke color (i.e. yellow.)  Drawing with my mouse, on the other hand, works as expected -- paths are shown in the expected color as they are drawn.

Of course I've restarted my computer, and I've tried every different setting I could think of, such as using GPU versus CPU for graphics, to no avail.

This is either a BUG or a SETTING that I am overlooking and I'd appreciate knowing which.  PLEASE DO NOT POST WORKAROUNDS (as someone previously did, and improperly marked it as "Correct Answer.")  

Thank you so much!!!

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