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Jun 25, 2021 Jun 25, 2021

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Hi, there is a difference in the SVG letter-spacing parameter when the Illustrator document is "Saved as... SVG" or "Exported as... SVG".

Within the export function the letter-spacing unit is in em ...letter-spacing="-0.101em"...

Within the save as function the letter-spacing looks like  ...letter-spacing="-4"...


The issue is that the last option looks like to be always in integer which leads to a not exact letter spacing on longer </tspan> elements. (Reproducable by just export to SVG and reopen with Illustrator)

Is there any possiblity to enable the em unit also in the save as function?

I checked the SVG popup panel while saving but didn't find anything. I also checked the option on scripting level.


I need the extract from the save as function because this is the base for further scripting on the SVG file.


Any help would be welcome...

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