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Dec 09, 2020 Dec 09, 2020

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Every time I use the reflect tool for example, the dialogue box with options that opens is different. It used to always be auto-selected to reflect vertically and I would instinctively hit enter after selecting to reflect. Now, it changes between the three available options. I never use the rotate and rarely use the horizontal reflect, so I don't know why Illustrator has decided to start auto-selecting random options instead of leaving the last used option like it used to. Is this a bug, or some sort of new feature? 


I noticed that if I only have one object selected, the Align tool automatically selects the "Align to Artboard" feature, and if I have two objects selected, it reverts back to "Align to Object", which I actually like. That's why I ask if the revert tool being different is like that for a reason that I may not understand, LOL. 

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