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Certain assignments of my InDesign book do not open / lock up InCopy

Oct 02, 2019 Oct 02, 2019

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PROJECT: A 300+ page book that has a few images/graphics but is mostly text.

SYSTEM: We are all using CC versions of InDesign and InCopy (latest) All are on PC.

USE CASE: I am designer. I laid out the book chapters as separate stories because (a) the book is extensively referenced and we wanted to use chapter-based endnotes, and (b) so the author and editor could both work on sections of the book at the same time. Both of the below issues happen from local files on my own computer and are not related to sharing.


ISSUE #1 - One story, the "Intro", has no graphics or image inserts, but does have endnotes. Worked fine for a while but then it began throwing error when we try to check-out this story, InCopy indicating that there is a linked file which has not been added (and must be) to the Assignment. There is no drama when checking-out in InDesign. I have tried removing the Assignment, then removing the link-files, then deleting the content files from the folder and rebuilding assignment. Does not fix it. 


ISSUE #2 - Story of Chapter 2 also had no graphics, (although it might have had at some point, and been deleted?? not sure) and has dozens of endnotes. It has no problems with links between endnotes and story, all good in InDesign. But it crashes InCopy just trying to open the file to view. I suspect the endnotes file is the cause, but all the above attempts to clear out old data files and rebuild yield same results. I am suspicious that the container of the story AND the endnotes have the same internal name (which I don't think is possible, but I don't really see how to track that down or change it.

I can add that for this Chapter 2, it had several weeks ago a 'split' where the author wanted to break it into 2 chapters. To do that I cut/pasted the portions into new containers - and some of that cut/paste did have (and successfully move) their associated endnotes. 


Ideas, anyone? Thank you in advance for sharing your expertise!!






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