Adding and Deleting Endnotes

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Jun 17, 2020

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Hi. When I add or delete an endnote in InCopy, the endnote source page, the page with the endnote text at the end of the document, does not properly update. For example if I add an endnote after endnote 9, and jump down to the endnote source page with the endnote text to paste the new endnote information, endnote 9 has moved down to the endnote 10 spot and endnote 9 is blank. It requires me to cut endnote text from endnote 10 and paste it back to endnote 9. Then I can paste the new endnote text into endnote 10. If I delete an endnote, for example, I delete endnote 9 and move down to the endnote text at the end of the document, the "number" 9 deletes, but the actual endnote text is still there. 


Is there a fix for this bug? It makes working with endnotes in InCopy virtually impossible and fraught with errors. 







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