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Building text before into a paragraph style--mimic HTML :before pseudo element

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Nov 04, 2021 Nov 04, 2021

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I just came up with an answer to a question no one has asked. Or maybe they have, but I don't think I've ever seen it answered.

I'm working on a book that has figures. A figure title looks like "Figure 1.1". The table of contents displays figure numbers, but it doesn't display the word "Figure ". So a TOC entry looks like "000 1.1", where "000" is the page number.

So my challenge was to make the TOC collect the figure numbers, put a page number before each one, and omit the word Figure. I got thinking about the HTML pseudo element :before, which basically lets you put anything in front of a piece of text. It's usually used for icons, similar to the way you would set up a bulleted list, but you're not limited to one character. Instead of an icon, you could, for instance, put the word "Figure " before a figure number.

I went back to the figure numbers in each figure, took out the word "Figure " and changed the paragraph style under Bullets and Numbering so that it's a numbered paragraph that displays no number (Format: None) and inserts the word "Figure " after the number.

In the TOC style, I have numbered paragraphs set to leave out numbers (Numbered paragraphs: Exclude numbers).

Now my figures have the word Figure in front of the figure number, but the TOC shows only the figure number with a page number preceding it.

Cool, right?

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