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Changes in Reverse Layout in recent releases?

Adobe Community Professional ,
Nov 21, 2021 Nov 21, 2021

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Has anyone else out there noticed that the Reverse Layout tool isn't working exactly as it has in the past? I'm not ready to post a bug report about it yet, simply because I've not done the work necessary to isolate it. However, I have a suspicion that recent versions of ID (only talking about 16.4 and 17.0 right now) don't reverse layouts nearly as well as they used to. 


If you don't use the ME edition, you'd have no idea what I was talking about, as it's a tool that we use when we start with an e.g. English document, and want to lay it out in a right-to-left language. I have a form (a State of Oregon form that is commonly used to apply for things like food stamps or state-sponsored medical care) which started as a Pagemaker document many years ago, and which I've formatted in more than one right-to-left language. Because of the way it was built, I've seen the same kind of glitches or errors produced by the Reverse Layout tool, over the years. For example, objects that are nested in three or four layers of groups sometimes don't get affected by the Reverse Layout tool, or reflect around anchor points that seem impossible or unlikely. 


However, this year I'm working on some new RTL languages for this form (Pashto, right now) and the Reverse Layout tool left muchof the document completely untouched. Parts that were reveresed wound up with weird alignments, as if the objects were reflected around their own midpoints instead of the middle of the page. Am I the only person seeing this? My case is an edge case, for sure, but I wonder if I'm the only one reversing layouts that were poorly laid out to begin with.  


Just to throw out some boundaries: I've already tried exporting IDML and re-importing, to no effect. I have also tried changing exactly what the tool does (e.g. delete frame content, reflect images, etc.) with no significant effects, at least none that would merit a bug report. 








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