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Print to Postscripts while keeping document size

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May 03, 2021 May 03, 2021

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Hi all, I have the following issue:

I need to print a booklet to Postscript from InDesign. The page size is 200x285mm, plus 3mm bleed on each size, so the final spread size is 406x291. To this, I must add the crop and bleed marks, which add a few of mm on each size (thou I was not able to determin how many, or how to change this –I can only change the offset of the marks, ans the style).

When I go to the Print Booklet command, and select the Print Settings dialog, I'm asked to insert the paper  size, which is a custom size as I'm printing with a Riso printer and this is the largest paper format (320x432). I want to use a paper this size, and I want the original size of the booklet to stay the same when it comes out of the printer. What happens is that when I open the .ps file in Acrobat Pro, the file is bigger than it was in InDesign, and the cropmarks are gone (because of the max print size of the printer), and the file is a good centimeter larger than intended.When I tried to specify the paper size as the final format of the booklet, while keeping the bleed settings, in the hope to be able to specify the paper size in Acrobat, I got a file with no bleed and no cropmarks. How can I have a custom paper format (which is significantly larger than the printed page) and the exact paper size with bleed and all? Can someone kindly walk me through the settings of this dialog box? Thank you very much!

Screenshot 2021-05-03 at 17.22.37.png


Ps. I know postscript is an outdated format, but I have a routine that allows me to have a set of B/W PDFs for each spot color ready to print from Acrobat Pro, and I'm fine with this workflow, besides the size issue.

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