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Publish Online Compatibility Issues Between Browsers

New Here ,
Feb 26, 2018 Feb 26, 2018

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Hey all,

I use InDesign to create Publish Online documents for clients that they can distribute to their clients, but they appear to be having browser issues, appears glitchy on first load but after refresh is fine, videos don't play in Firefox but do in Chrome, user experiences is limited on low bandwidth connections.

I unfortunately cannot share the document for you to view, but have made notes. If I need to share something I can make a dummy copy.

FYI this has been test on multiple computers, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and iPad ePub docs. (all most recent versions)


  • Safari auto-zooms in on some slides
  • Inconsistent page load sometimes? (page 1 didn’t load on Safari…, but did after a refresh)
  • Videos plays inconsistently 
  • Green screen on video
  • Background videos don’t play


Screen tearing of video (also it seems like video doesn’t autoplay, you have to click it, but you wouldn’t know you have to)

Video tears, however, upon refresh, it was fine.

Background videos are pixelated/starts off pixelated






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