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Removing/Resetting font data from InDesign XMP Metadata

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Nov 05, 2021 Nov 05, 2021

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We utilize archives of thousands of layouts to genereate knock-offs. Over time, the XMP metadata stored in our .indd files contains lists of fonts that are no longer used in the documents. This is a problem, as our font manager tool reads the outdated info and attempts (often fails for good reason) to activate the unused fonts.

How can I force InDesign to rebuild the fonts data inside the XMP metadata to use only fonts currenlty present in the layout?

This would essentaily be like creating a new identically-sized layout, then copy/paste all pages from the 'old' file into the new, then saving the new layout for the first time. But this for thousands of files? Plus, we loose the revision history on these files which can be helpful.


I've tried exporting the metadata, removing all font information, and re-importing to replace metadata and it just doesn't seem to work (may be my user error, but gee I've hammered at it a lot with no success.)


Ideas? Thx!


Idea 1

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