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Dec 09, 2020 Dec 09, 2020

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In a book I would like to place a picture that has the size of a whole page, and I want to anchor this picture since I'm also publishing the book as an e-pub. I have finished all work with the book so I'm sure that the text isn't moving any more, everything is fixed where it should be. Then I place the picture and makes it fill the whole page and make the text flow around the picture.


1) Where do I place the anchor for the picture then now that there is no text/paragraph on the page since the picture is taking up the whole page? Some times I solve this by placing a blank paragraph and then anchor the picture here.


2) But often the page will brake in the middle of a paragraph (means that the paragraph begins on one page, then the picture follows on the next (whole) page, and then the paragraph continues on the following page. So placing a blank paragraph in the middle of the text paragraph isn't a possibility here. How do I solve this matter?



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